Production of custom windows (special sizes) and their installation/installation in San Francisco
DAN'S GLASS, INC. is a company specializing in the manufacture of custom-sized windows and their installation in San Francisco. We are one of the region's leading suppliers and installers of quality window treatments. Our company is proud of our many years of experience in the industry and the excellent results we achieve for our clients.

Windows from our company DAN'S GLASS, INC. are made to individual order of each client. We understand that every home and every office has its own unique requirements, which is why we offer a wide selection of window materials, designs and styles. Thanks to our efforts and resources, we can create windows that not only fit exactly, but also fully meet your aesthetic preferences.

The window installation process is one of the most important steps. Our true professionals have the skills and experience necessary for quality window installation. They follow the latest standards and use advanced technology to ensure that windows are installed securely and efficiently.
Our advantages
Individual approach
We understand that each project is unique, so our first advantage lies in our individual approach to each client. We listen carefully to your requirements, preferences and budgetary constraints to offer the best solutions. Our team of experts will help you choose the best materials, colors and styles to ensure your windows perfectly match your needs and preferences.
High quality and reliability
The second advantage of DAN'S GLASS, INC. - This is our commitment to high quality and reliability. We work only with trusted suppliers of materials and use advanced technology in the manufacture of windows. Our technicians have a wealth of experience and skills to ensure that your windows are installed correctly and last for a long time. We also offer a guarantee on our work, which demonstrates our confidence in the quality and reliability of the projects we carry out.
Energy efficiency and comfort
Modern windows should not only be beautiful, but also energy efficient. Here at DAN'S GLASS, INC. You will find a wide selection of window systems capable of providing high thermal insulation and sound insulation. We offer windows with double or triple glazing, special coatings that retain heat in the cold season and protect from heat in summer. Thanks to our energy-efficient windows, you can save on energy costs and create a comfortable environment in your home or office.
Our services
Custom window manufacturing
DAN'S GLASS, INC. offers services for the production of custom-made windows of special sizes. We understand that every home and business has unique requirements, which is why we can create windows to suit your exact dimensions and needs. Our experienced staff will help you choose the right materials, style and design to create attractive and functional windows for your property.
Window Installation
Our highly trained technicians provide professional window installation in San Francisco and surrounding areas. We follow the latest standards and use cutting-edge technology to ensure reliable and efficient window installations. We guarantee that the windows will be installed correctly, providing good thermal and sound insulation, as well as durability.
Window Replacement

If your old windows are already in need of replacement, we offer window replacement services. Our team will help you select new, high-quality windows that fit your design and budget. We care about your comfort and energy savings, so our windows have excellent insulation properties, which will help reduce your heating and air conditioning costs.
How It Works
Client consultation
Our first stage of work consists of conducting a detailed consultation with the client. We meet with you to discuss your requirements, preferences and budget constraints. We listen to your ideas and needs to better understand which custom windows will be most suitable for your San Francisco home or business. At this point, we can also provide you with information about available window materials, styles and colors to help you make the right choice.
Measurements and design
After consultation, we carry out professional measurements of your object. Our specialists carefully measure the dimensions of the window opening and take into account the features of its design. We then begin designing custom windows based on your preferences from the consultation. We select the optimal materials and components to ensure the best functionality and appearance of your windows. In addition, we also pay attention to window energy efficiency and sound insulation to create a comfortable space for you.
Custom Made
At this stage, we begin the process of making custom windows. We use advanced technology and high quality materials to create windows that are highly durable and long lasting. Our team of experienced professionals monitors every step of production to ensure that the windows exactly meet the specified dimensions, design and requirements. At the same time, we also adhere to production deadlines to meet customers' needs.
Fitting and Installation
Once your custom windows are completed, our team of professionals performs installation and installation in your San Francisco home or office. We ensure each window is installed with care and precision, maintaining high quality standards. We also ensure that the window opening is properly sealed and sealed to ensure energy efficiency and protection from noise and dust. After installation is complete, our specialists check the functionality of the windows and make sure that everything is working properly.